Hospital Facilities

The reception counter is one of the most important areas of the hospital and the same is true at Civil Hospital, Amdavad.Upon arrival at Civil Hospital,Amdavad, visitors to the hospital require help vis-a-vis information regarding location of various services and facilities. The reception acts as the first line of contact to provide the necessary help to the patients and their attendants through reception counter and 'MAY I HELP YOU' desks.
Patient Welfare Center:
Patient Welfare Center deals with all issues/concerns related to patients availing treatment at civil hospital. The department consists of 1 In-charge PWC officer, 5 Medical Social Workers, and 12 patient guides.The PWC manages information and guidance desk at OPD and Trauma Center.
Nursing Department:
Nursing Services department of civil hospital, Amdavad, is a well established and active department. They are like arteries of hospital spread over each department contributing for the betterment of patients.There are 1308 Nursing Staff of different cadre which includes:- Nursing Superintendent,Deputy Nursing Superintendent, Assistant Nursing Superintendent, Head Nurses, Public Health Nurse, Staff Nurses, and Health Visitors working round the clock for patients' care. They render comprehensive nursing care which includes Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual and rehabilitative care to the patients.The team also consists of specialized nurses. i.e Infection Control Nurses, Psychiatric nurses, Nurse practitioner in midwifery, Nurses trained in emergency medical services.
Medical Record Department:
The Medical Record Department inducted in Civil Hospital, Amdavad during the year 1952. This Department is responsible for registration and keeping of outdoor / indoor and special clinic records of the hospital including round the clock emergency registration at Advanced Trauma Centre. The department is preparing the hospital statistics. Irrespective of this department is also filling up of LIC/MLC forms, RTI, Reimbursement of ESIS Bills, etc.
With advancement in the field of nutrition science the daily needs of human health and disease are now well established. The department of dietetics in hospital is a vital organization that carries multiple responsibilities related to patient's daily intake of nutrition. Patients are being provided with nutrition education and hygienically prepared high quality food services.
Location:Diet Distribution Centre: D-1, Ground Floor, Main Building, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad.
The Security is responsible for providing round the clock security and fire safety services to the patients, their attendants, relatives, employees, the Institute’s property i.e. stores, labs,costly/sophisticated equipments through its trained staff. The Security is also entrusted with the work to control the animals in the Institute. Besides, providing security and fire safety coverage, the Security is also supervising the parking arrangements for smooth and uninterrupted vehicular traffic in the Institute. This is done by monitoring and keeping constant checks on the working of parking contractor. Apart from public parking, the parking contractor is also manning all the Civil Hospital, Amdavad staff parking lots by deploying attendants.
The security services of the Institute are monitored round the clock from Security Control Room (Phone No. 22683721 Ext. 1199), CCTV Control Room (Phone No.22683721) adjacent to D block. CCTV cameras are installed in the Institute covering all the main entry and exit points of each and every building of the Institute, public entries round the clock.