M & J Western Regional Post Graduate Institute of Ophthalmology,

The Institute was born as a small Ophthalmic ward in the local Civil Hospital through a donation of Rs. 40,000/- by Shri Khan Bahadur Navrojee Pestonji Vakil, an eminent businessman of Ahmedabad of the time.

It grew gradually to become established as an Institute in 1952 and in 1968, it attained the status of a Western Regional Institute.

In 1984, it separated from the Civil Hospital to become semi-autonomous. The RIO has completed a glowing 54 years journey, making its mark in the field of eye care services.  

Primary Eye Care:

Our Out-patient department provides initial diagnostic and treatment facilities for various eye ailments. (Infections, vitamin A deficiencies, simple eye injuries, refractive errors and many more). In the OPD, we also screen cases that need further evaluation and or surgical interventions.

Secondary & Tertiary Eye Care:

Ours is a place where cases which cannot be managed at smaller / remote centres are referred for further, detailed and expert management.                                                                          

Special Services :

  1. D.E Anklesaria Eye Bank & Cornea Unit: Deals mainly with diagnosis & treatment of corneal problems and offers cornea transplantation. The Eye Bank offers 24 hours central eye banking services. Our residents are ever willing to obtain the donated eyes, whatever the time and wherever the place. Established in 1968, the bank processes eyes and performs cornea transplants, amniotic membrane transplantation, sutureless conjunctival grafts and corneal collagen crosslinking.
  2. Retina Unit: Has facilities for diagnosing posterior segment disorders, providing LASER treatments (especially in diabetics),offers retinal surgeries, vitrectomy and intra-ocular foreign body removal.         
  3. Glaucoma Unit: Has equipments for screening, diagnosing and managing all types of glaucoma patients and suspects. The clinic also performs drainage implant surgeries in refractory cases.
  4. Squint & Ocular Motility Clinic: Deals with assessment of different types of squints, nystagmus and ocular motility problems, their management and has the provision for orthoptic exercises.
  5. Oculoplasty: Manages the cosmetic outlook of the eye through repairs, contact lenses, artificial eyes, implants and also deals with various types of ocular tumours.
  6. Community Ophthalmology: Provides outreach services.

Community work:

The hospital has regular programmes of providing services to the people living in remote rural areas, who do not have an easy access to medical care. Specialists of various concerning ophthalmic care, visit these areas. Regular camps are conducted for screening of vulnerable and high risk patients.

Satellite Centres :                                           

Mental Hospital, Delhi Darwaja, A’bad.

Central Jail, Sabarmati, A’bad.

Senior citizens’ clinic, Civil Hospital, A’bad

Outreach programes :                                           

Eye screening of children in schools

Eye donation awareness programmes

Glaucoma awareness programmes

Diagnostic eye camps


  4 paraclinical faculties:

                        Ocular  Pathology

                        Ocular  Microbiology

                        Ocular  Physiology

                        Ocular  Histopathology

EXISTING HUMAN RESOURCES & INFRASTRUCTURE:                                                                                                                        

 25 full time clinical faculty

 Additional medical and paramedical staff in pathology and other laboratories.

 Opticians - refractionists

 Nursing staff

 Clerical staff

 Paramedical staff

 Class IV

 Specialty Clinics with their own set up of instruments and equipments.

 Room for OPD procedures and dressings.                                         

 Library for staff and students

 Own Rogi Kalyan Samiti


New Building: 2 basement +Ground + 5 storeys

Total Plot area: 15488 sq.m

Total built up area: 38343 sq.m

Bed capacity: 255

Total OT: 10 ( 2 GF, 2SF,6 TF, with 2 modular).

Wards: 180 beds ( 6 wards x 30 beds )

Lifts: 4 for 26 persons, 2 for 20 persons, 2 for goods, stretcher ramp for all floors.

The new building has unique features like rain water harvesting, energy conservation system, fire fighting system, computerized record keeping system, HVAC, medical gas pipe line system and is environment friendly.


  • Ground floor: OPD, Refraction rooms, emergency, CSSD, registration, procedure room, septic OT, Minor OT.
  • First floor: Glaucoma, Vitreous and Retina, Squint, Oculoplasty, Refractive surgery speciality clinic depts.
  • Second floor: Cornea & Eye banking, wards, VIP OT, Administrative dept, Community Ophthalmology, Laser OT.
  • Third Floor: Wards, OT-6,ICU, ICCU.
  • Fourth floor: Wards, special rooms.
  • Fifth floor: Lecture halls,admin dept, Library, Museum.


EQUIPMENTS EXISTING (over & above the basic ones):

  • Autorefractometer
  • A Scan Biometer
  • A Scan Biometer with immersion facility
  • Keratometer
  • IOL Master ( Zeiss )
  • Non-contact tonometers
  • Tonopen ( Reichert XL )
  • Pachymeter ( Pac Scan 300p with digital biometric ruler )
  • Laminar flow
  • Specular miscroscopes
  • Corneal Topography machine
  • Operating Microscopes
  • BIOMS operating Microscope for Vitreo Retinal Surgery
  • Nd : YAG LASER
  • Double Frequency Nd : YAG LASER
  • Phaco-Emulsification machines
  • Vitrectomy machine
  • Automated Perimeters – Octopus 101, Octopus 900
  • USG with Ultrasound Biomicroscope.
  • Optical Coherence Tomogaphy ( OCT with glaucoma, retina and anterior segment modules )
  • Multifocal ERG and VEP
  • Collagen Cross linking
  • Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
  • Fundus Camera
  • Autoclave machines, ETO sterilizer 
  • Computers for each unit.
  • LCD projector
  • Availability of basic drugs and surgical material, non-foldable and foldable intra-ocular lenses.


Clinical case discussions once a week (each unit by turn)

Seminars once a week (each unit by turn )

Workshops, Symposia –CMEs, Guest Lectures

Contributions in local, national & international conferences by individuals

Research activities

Publications in journals and books of national & international levels by individuals

Training programmes for individuals

Active participation by staff in training programmes organized by state government.

The institute is affiliated to B. J. Medical College & Gujarat University and offers the following educational courses:

  •  M.S.(Master in Surgery- Ophthalmology)— 24 seats
  •  Examination centre for ICO (International Council of Ophthalmology)



OPDMonday / Thursday

ClinicTuesday / Friday

OT – Wednesday / Saturday
Sr.No Name
1. Dr. Swati Devanhalli
2. Dr Ravija Kathiara
3. Dr. Vipul Prajapati
4. Dr Parth Leuva
5. Dr Mittal Kucchadiya

Posterior segment

OPDTuesday / Friday

ClinicWednesday / Saturday

OTMonday / Thursday
Sr.No Name
1. Dr Somesh V Aggrawal
2. Dr. Garima Agrawal
3. Dr. Neha Desai
4. Dr Puja Negi
5. Dr Kinjal Trivedi


OPD – Wednesday / Saturday

Clinic – Monday / Thursday

OT – Tuesday / Friday
Sr.No Name
1. Dr Jagruti N Jadeja
2. Dr Rupal T. Shah
3. Dr Dipali Parmar
4. Dr. Pradnya Bhole
5. Dr Aarti Dave

Community Ophthalmology, Posterior segment

OPD – Thursday / Monday

Clinic – Tuesday / Friday

OT – Wednesday / Saturday
Sr.No Name
1. Dr.Sonali Shah
2. Dr Wilhemina Asari
3. Dr. Jignesh Y Gosai
4. Dr. Ashish Bhojak


OPD – Friday / Tuesday

ClinicWednesday / Saturday

OTMonday / Thursday
Sr.No Name
1. Dr Purvi  R Bhagat
2. Dr Kamini  M Prajapati 
3. Dr Jignesh Jethva
4. Dr Abhishek Chauhan

Squint-Paediatric Ophthalmology

OPDSaturday / Wednesday

ClinicMonday / Thursday

OT – Tuesday / Friday

Sr.No Name
1. Dr Neeharika Shah
2. Dr Hansa H Thakkar
3. Dr Kalpit P Shah
4. Dr. Bhargavi Parth
5. Dr. Jignasa Makwana


  1. To provide the best services to all patients.
  2. To develop as a center of excellence.
  3. To achieve the previous standards of Institute.
  4. To achieve All India rank among all RIOs.