Department of medicine is one of the largest and most active departments of civil hospital Ahmedabad. Established in 1961 the department of medicine has worked with outmost sincerity and honesty; achieving rewarding results.

It has always been keen on providing best health care to the society. Medicine department helped the government and society to tide over numerous epidemics like swine flu, cremian congo hemorrhagic fever, lathakand, modasa hepatitis B epidemics etc and will continue to do so in the future.


  • Serve as a tertiary care department for teaching, learning, evaluation and leadership excellence in the field of MEDICINE
  • Design, Develop, and Deliver high quality programmes in the field of Clinical Skills
  • Provide resources and expertise in education and assessment within curriculum designed to produce expert health care professionals


  • Patient Care
  • Education and Training ( Post-graduates and Under-graduates )
  • Research
  • Conferences & Events
  1. Departmental CME’s and Conferences
  2. Grand Rounds
  3. Grand Round Presentations
  4. Visiting Professor lectures


It gives me immense pleasure to write about my medicine department. It is one of the major clinical department in B.J. Medical college. We have 10 medical units working in the department which is one of the highest in any medical college. We have 23-25 P.G. students entering our department from all over country. We have patient load of about 350-500 in outdoor and around 50 to 100 indoor patients daily .we provide 24 hour emergency services. we also run various superspeciality clinics like diabetes OPD ,geriatrics OPD, Rheumatology OPD, Neurology OPD & Gastro OPD.As head of department I am Nodal officer of ART centre & program director of centre of excellence. Our center is one of the 10 centres of excellence in country & most active one too. We have around 200-300patients attending ART OPD daily.& we have around 6000 patients alive on ART. We also have state AIDS clinical expert panel in ART centre to evaluate & start II line ART for Gujarat state & part of Rajasthan. We conduct National level training of Medical officers and specialists in our COE.

We have 26 dedicated knowledgeable faculties& 72 resident doctors who are always taking care of medical patients. We have many state level & national publications from the department. I myself have 90 publications in various national & international journals. We regularly carry out academic activities in the department.

Being a tertiary care centre, we get patients from all over state& neighboring states too. Our department has handled pandemics like H1N1 influenza which lasted for almost 18 months & where all faculties and resident doctors worked tirelessly around the clock to help save patients. The core committee for making treatment protocol for the state government was also from our department. The department also was main referral centre for all seriously ill hepatitis B patients during outbreak of hepatitis B in sabarkantha district wherein 67 patients were transferred to our hospital and admitted under me. The department regularly deals with seasonal epidemics of gastroenteritis, Dengue fever ,Malaria, hepatitis E etc.& provide best available treatment to poor patients to save their lives.

The medicine department also runs Physician’s assistant course. Our faculties take regular lectures in dental & physiotherapy college. We have also started PG Diploma course in HIV medicine with IGNOU and our centre is first in country to complete the course this year and assess student for their degree.

I would like to conclude that all the work that is being done could not have been possible without efforts from all faculties and resident doctors and the able guidance from Dr. Bharat Shah, Dean medical college & from Dr Prabhakar medical superintendent civil hospital.

Dr. Asha Shah HOD medicine


The department is equipped with instruments needed for performing 2D Echo, TMT, Pulmonary Function Test. These facilities are manned and handled by the active faculty group having expertise in these investigations. Round the clock laboratory and electrocardiography services are provided by civil hospital.

Medicine department provides 24 X 7 round the clock emergency services which have a very heavy patient flow.

OPD services are available on daily basis from Monday to Saturday.

The department also organizes special clinics like

  • Diabetic OPD catering to about 500 patients per month
  • Geriatric OPD with about 220 patients taking its benefit per month
  • Rheumatology OPD every Wednesday
  • Neurology OPD every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Gastroenterology OPD every Monday and Thursday

Department of Medicine also runs the ART centre which is one of the 10 centre of excellence Nationwide. About 200 – 250 patients avail the benefit of ART centre daily in terms of counseling, drugs, supportive treatments etc.

Satellite Clinics are also run by the department at following places

  • Kapdiwad Clinic, Raipur area


  • Theoretical Knowledge
  • Practical and Clinical Skills
  • Thesis Skills
  • Attitudes including communication skills
  • Training in Research Methodology


  • Knowledge Testing ( Theory )
  • Clinical Skills Evaluation ( Practical )


Unit Head

Assistant Professor

Emergency Day

Dr Asha N Shah

Dr Kartikeya Parmar

Dr Dushyant Patel


Dr B C Kaji

Dr DarshanaMakwana

Dr KeyurMachchavda


Dr V C Singel

Dr Jagdish Patel

Dr Rahul Katariya


Dr U J Jani

Dr Owais Maskati

Dr M N Dillip


Dr B K Amin

Dr Seema Sharma

Dr Nidhi Gupta


Dr N M Kadri

Dr Cecil Parmar


Dr B B Solanki

Dr Jitendra Parikh


Dr K J Upadhyay

Dr Sarita Parmar


Dr K K Lakhani

Dr Janak Choksi

Dr Sneha Modi


Dr S A Patel

Dr Tejas Modi

Dr Kunal Talasania



  • One clerical staff
  • Two servants


  • According to the unit days mentioned in column 7.
  • Speciality Clinics:
  1. Diabetic Clinic- Dr A N Shah (Monday)
  2. Dr B C Kaji (Thursday)
  3. Geriatric Clinic- Dr V C Singel (Friday)
  4. Family Medicine Clinic- Dr Chitralekha Joshi (Monday-Saturday)
  • Superspeciality Clinic
  1. Neurology Clinic- Dr B R Patel (Tuesday & Friday); Dr Arvind Sharma ( Wednesday)
  2. Rheumatology Clinic-Dr Vishnu Sharma (Wednesday)
  3. Gastroenterology Clinic-Dr SushilNarang (Monday)

Contact Information

Department of Medicine D4, Civil Hospital Campus,

Asarwa, Ahmedabad – 16

Phone No.

Department office ext. 1120

HOD office ext. 1148